Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 366

It's very hard to believe that it's been more than a year now since surgery. It may not be over, but still, I'm so glad to have gotten this far. I feel great and I'm so happy with the physical results.
I was in my friend's wedding this weekend and, for the first time, I felt really happy with the way it had changed my appearance. I've been having trouble with that, but after taking a good look, I realized what a difference it really made. It's hard to get used to a big change in something as important as your face, but it really is a GOOD difference.
Eating is still a little challenging. I can only eat small amounts of chewy things, like bagels, at a time. 1/4 bagel is about my max. But, in most ways, eating is so much easier. I can eat a sandwich without the lettuce and tomato falling out because I can't bite through them. I can eat a slice of pizza without cutting or tearing it up. There's so many things that I'm just not used to being able to do that I can now.
I still have my braces on, right now they're working on tweaking my bite to get the best result. I'm excited to get them off, but I don't mind waiting.
I don't have full feeling back, but enough that it's not particularly uncomfortable.
So, one year later, would I recommend the surgery? YES. It's a tough few weeks (about the only good thing about the six weeks I spent recuperating was watching Saved by the Bell every morning!) and a challenging few weeks after that, but once that's over it's absolutely, 100% worth it.

Here I am, all dressed up for the wedding!

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